Managing Director Speech

Dear Patrons,

As-Salamu-Alaikum-Wa-Rahmatullah, Nagar Holdings Limited had been  established in April, 2008 with a view to “A Perfect Place to Find Your Home” for the construction of “Luxurious & Quality” residential apartments & as well as Commercial spaces in different prime locations of Dhaka City and other district. Now-a-days of lot of companies have been engaging themselves in the real estate sector of the mitigation of housing accommodation. Nagar Holdings Limited as a plan to introduce an innovative idea to represent buildings, comprising of modern facilities for the comfort of clients.

Our term of Engineers, Architects, Marketing and other supporting professionals staff were chosen on the basis of their excellent management and entrepreneurial skills. The dedication, hard work and experience of our team has made Nagar Holdings what it is today. We are a company committed to quality, efficiency and professionalism. We are realistic, logistics, enthusiasts & committed to optimistic outputs. We have never been satisfied with anything less than excellence.

We have also a plan to build “Satellite Town” in the near future for the “Middle class earning Citizens” of Bangladesh.

We hope that you will continue to be with us in all our future endeavors. With your inputs, our performance can improve even further. We want you to share your views for successful building of our country in real estate sector. Our Motto actually means, “A Perfect Place to Find Your Home


Managing Director Name
Managing Director    : Nagar Holdings Limited